Women's Wellness Retreats in Abruzzo, Italy

In just a few short weeks, we  will embark on our next voyage back to the romantic and majestic land of Abruzzo, Italy.  

I feel so blessed to travel back to Abruzzo, Italy both in July and October of this year. 

These retreats are truly dedicated to awakening the senses, expanding the vision on what we want to experience in life while creating space to breathe, reflect, release and welcome in the new, and of course eat delicious food, drink homemade wine and embrace the local Italian lifestyle. 

This is the third year of facilitating retreats here and the fourth time visiting the Abruzzo Region.

My women's wellness retreats encompass adventure, self-care, movement, cooking classes, excursions and time devoted to reflection and manifestation.

If you are are a woman craving a week to refresh, renew and connect with inspiring women from across the globe, I invite you to come along!

The itinerary crafts together excursions to awaken your senses throughout the Abruzzo Region to explore the local culture along with plenty of time to recharge your mind and body.

The wellness week includes:

  • Cooking classes to explore Old World Abruzzo cuisine 
  • Island hop through the Adriatic Sea (Summer Retreat)
  • Thermal Spa Day (Autumn Retreat)
  • Enjoy lunch on a trabocco (a traditional fishing pier) and window shop in Vasto, a beautiful coastal town
  • Visit the bell foundry where the bells for the Vatican are made
  • Sample cheeses in a family owned cheese factory
  • Stretch your body in daily yoga classes (designed for every level of yoga experience, and completely optional)
  • Explore self-care rituals to integrate back home in daily life
  • Sunbathe under the sun and Moon bathe under the Italian moon 
  • Optional additional night in Rome for a dinner near the Spanish Steps once the group returns from the Abruzzo adventure

It's amazing when women say yes to life!