Sunshine Kate’s is an oasis of tranquility tucked along the jersey shore. Be prepared to sparkle brighter after each session in the sauna. Owner, Kate, has helped add another pillar of wellness into my regime that keeps me healthier, happier and more balanced. Much gratitude to her...as my life towards holistic wellness has reached a new level. Did I mentioned the mocktails? Nurturing mason jars made with love and awareness.


The moment I first walked into Sunshine Kate’s, I remember thinking to myself “wow she really is Sunshine Kate!” and that is because Kate, Georgia and the entire staff at Sunshine Kate’s provide such a welcoming, positive atmosphere - a safe space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! The sauna services at Sunshine Kate’s have become such an important part of my holistic healing routine and I very much enjoy having a cup of tea after my session, in the unique boutique style setting! I highly recommend Sunshine Kate’s sauna services to anyone in need of a little self care and rest and relaxation! The mental and physical health benefits of the infared sauna were made apparent to me after my first visit and ever since I keep coming back for more - not only did I feel great after my first visit but my skin looked great as well! Kate and her team are so knowledgeable and I look forward to trying the many other services available at Sunshine Kate’s such as nutrition and woman’s health services!


Sunshine Kate’s is is so appropriately named as Kate emits an aura of sunshine and light when you enter her establishment. When my daughter and I were diagnosed with chronic illness and needed to detox. We were referred to Sunshine Kate’s and could not be happier that we were! Not only did the sauna’s help medically, but the wonderful conversation that we had with Kate were enlightening. We went on to do the Womb Wellness and have since brought other friends and family, who all say it was one of the best experiences of their lives! Sauna is now forever a part of our wellness as well as the other events that Kate holds. She will forever be a part of out lives.


Sunshine Kate’s is one of the greatest gifts our community has been given. I started seeing Kate last winter after getting sick from living in a moldy environment and fell in love with the healing practices she offers. 

From my first visit to her space, I felt so comfortable and cared for- like a weight had been lifted and I had a friend walking beside me in my healing. To have a professional validate your symptoms and offer holistic and alternative methods of healing is super powerful. I’ve gone through several packages of sauna sessions and Kate’s Womb Wellness treatment and can’t say enough positive things about my experiences. 

The sauna sessions have helped me keep the winter blues at bay, manage life long painful periods, detox from mold and candida overgrowth, reduce joint inflammation, calm my nervous system, reconnect with and grow in respect for how I treat my body. Thank you, thank you!

Our wombs hold much wisdom & house our emotions, innocence, intuition & intelligence. Most of us have never been taught how to care for ourselves never mind our womb. In an age where more & more women take a pill to cease menstruation, Kate is on a mission to re-connect the feminine with her radiance once again. I recommend her services to women of all race, gender & age.

I recently had a Womb Wellness session with Kate and felt compelled to share my personal experience in the hopes that more women will utilize Kate’s offerings & empower themselves to let go & surrender to their beauty, grace & inner wisdom.
Kate is one of the most supportive, compassionate & intelligent women I have come to know, appreciate & respect. She soothingly guides you through a meditation as you receive the warmth & comfort of the steaming herbs, inviting you to dive deeper into yourself & gently unearth the shadows shading your light. Upon Kate’s exit, I was able to sip soothing raspberry tea & journal as my experience began to unfold.

The naval candle & castor clay abdominal cleanse was profoundly relaxing & once again Kate’s soothing soft voice navigates you into deep restoration & release. I felt a sudden shift occur here as a lot of stuck energy began to surface & there was a subtle letting go as I relaxed deeper into the nurturance of the treatment.

The session ended with a 25 minute sauna detox which enabled toxins to eliminate through the sweat glands. There is always this feeling of renewal after a sauna session but especially following this particular treatment.

Over the course of 48 hours post session with Kate, I continued to experience a powerful release of emotions & felt more confortable surrendering to my own vulnerability which is often a challenge for me.

Thank you Kate for your light a beautiful experience!”