What's your Word?

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. I feel like we were just celebrating Memorial Day Weekend! Woo, what a summer! It was filled with adventure and a full sensory experience for me... I will share my adventures with you soon:)

When I think of a word that describes my summer, it's 'Juiciness'... This word invokes a sensation of bright colors and deliciousness in every sense... Lushness in experience, food, drinks, people and places.. It was a summer filled with planes, ferries, shuttles, taxis, wooden carts (yep), treehouses, mountain villages, European sea towns, beaches and much more to be revealed later...

As I pour myself a cucumber mint mocktail, I toast to the Summer of 2016 with a bow of gratitude for awakening my senses and being open to magic and adventure. Thank you!

What's your word for this summer?