Nourishing Your 4 Bodies

The foundation of my business is built on and grown from supporting all levels of health including:

The physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body…

When one (or more of these bodies) is out of sync and experiencing distress, it manifests and affects the other bodies.

An example of this connection that we all can relate to is with FOOD.

Food is deeply connected to the physical body, but has strong connections to our emotional body. We very often make food choices based on our moods.

Food is connected to our mental health, as certain foods are linked to enhancing brain health while others are linked to increasing depression and other inflammatory conditions.

Food is connected to the spiritual body as we have connections to rituals, traditions and celebrations throughout the year.

Recently, our country experienced an event that caused many emotions to spark…The days after the election were filled with raw emotions. We were in the thick of it with the non-stop media coverage.  It might have felt easy to get caught up, get swept away in it and lose our connection to ourselves.

A dear friend recently reminded me that change is inevitable. ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’- Benjamin Franklin.

I have had conversations with clients and friends since last week about this topic, and some have commented on how ‘stuck’ they feel.

I want to share a very powerful breathing exercise that energizes the body, moves the stagnant energy out and increases circulation for renewed oxygen to travel through the body.Remember that BREATH carries oxygen, our life force and moves toxins out of the body!This breathing exercise is called the ‘Ha Breath.’ My mentor, Sierra Bender taught it to me and I have used in for over 5 years to transform and empower my whole body.

I recommend exploring this breathing exercise in the morning as you begin your day!

Onward and upward!