How to Have Glowing Skin all Summer Long



Enjoy the plethora of local produce available at farmer's markets this summer. Stock up on these beauties from the Earth. Invoke your creative side in the kitchen as you mix up new flavor combinations for your smoothies, raw soups and salads. Increase your intake of greens for liver lovin' support. Greens also support kidney health which will help reduce excessive swelling in the body.



Swim, bathe, float. Get your body in the water! If you live near Mother Ocean, celebrate it and jump in! The salt water is deeply nourishing and purifying. It will also calm and soothe the body. When you are in the shower, finish with a blast of cold water over the whole body to support circulation.


It's no secret that I am a deep lover of supporting the lymphatic system. This system acts like the silent garbage truck traveling through the body, removing waste. When it is blocked, we experience decreased immunity, stagnant blood flow and poor skin tone. Activate and support it by using a dry skin brush every day! This tool not only enhances circulation, it also energizes the body and removes dead skin cells. Spending 2-3 minutes a day will lead to a goddess glow all day long! Interested in learning more about the lymphatic system? Read more here!


Great your body moving and grooving to increase circulation and sweat. Explore using an infrared sauna for a whole body detox. Spend 20-30 minutes letting your body sweat out all the impurities, while increasing your core body temperature and increasing circulation. This will help that goddess glow shine through your skin!


Instead of using lotion on your skin, use sesame or coconut oil for your body and face. This will give your skin a replenishing deep drink of essential fatty acids. Both of these oils are great for after-sun care too!