A New York Minute

Just last Friday, I took a quick trip to NYC for a very exciting meeting about a project I am working on... This project will be announced in just a few months (AND it is the biggest one I have worked on yet)! Details will be revealed soon!

After the meeting, I had the rest of the late morning to wander through the city.

Have you explored New York City in the spring?

There's a buzz of Mother Nature's beauty sprouting up from the pavement and blossoming into radiant colors.

I couldn't not make a quick trip to Central Park and take in the last of the cherry blossoms.


After leisurely strolling through the park, I made my way to the Greenmarket Farmer's Market at Union Square.

If you have not made it here yet, add it to your list! 

It is a sensory experience that must be captured!

Ah, the aroma of the lavender farm, freshly baked breads (and PLENTY of delicious gluten free options), the abundance of spring produce, mixed in with herbs, flowers and enticing samples.

After tasting my way through the market, it was time for lunch... The Butcher's Daughter in the Bowery was my destination. There are locations in both NYC and CA, and it is worth the trip to either.

This 'vegetable slaughterhouse' serves up organic, local and seasonal juices, salad and vegetarian cuisine. I enjoyed a lunch streetside under the warm sunshine.. After tasting about a quarter of their menu:), I headed back to catch the train with a full belly and satisfied spirit.

Sometimes, we just need to step away from the daily routine... Step away to reconnect with ourselves. 

What do you do to renew your spirit?