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Healthy Living Workshop: Love your Liver

The Liver: 'the most forgiving vital organ in the body'.

A healthy liver is the foundation to  health, energy and vitality.

It provides many function in the body:
-aids in digestion
-cleanses the blood
-cleanses excess hormones and toxins

If our liver is not operating optimally, we can feel sluggish, lethargic, heavy, tired, experience food allergies,  suffer from joint pain, feel moody, irritable, angry,  hypersensitive to chemicals, fragrances, etc. Woman can suffer from PMS symptoms. Men can suffer from low energy, low libido,high cholesterol.

In our workshop, we will explore:
-Top 10 liver cleansing foods
-Ways to reduce exposure to toxins and liver irritating substances
-Daily detox self-care tools

Leave inspired and empowered

$20 for workshop includes recipe sampling, mocktails and take-home tools.