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Reboot our Relationship with Food, our Bodies, Cravings and Desire Workshop

Now, it's time to dig even deeper within ourselves! Join me for an ENTIRE DAY dedicated to the complexity of our relationship with food, our bodies and self-judgment. This topic was based on the book 'Women, Food and Desire' by Alexandra Jamieson 

We will explore it through movement, guided visualizations, group conversation, individual writing exercises and self-care tools.

It will be a sacred space to explore, unwind and reboot your whole being!

Lunch will be provided during the day.

*Due to the nature of the work, space is limited to six participants.

$97 per person.  Pre-registration is required!*

'Once you recognize within yourself a hunger for something beyond just continuing, once you taste even the possibility of touching the meaning enfolded in your life, you can never be completely content with just going through the motions. There is no going back. Learning cannot be undone. The wisdom touched in moments of real intimacy penetrate the soul with knowledge of who and what we are. It transforms us.'