Yoni and Lingam Healing

The winter months present a nourishing time for divine self-care... A time of reflection, quiet and hibernation. Winter is a season to dive deep into our inner worlds. Nature reflects how the external world is quiet but so much healing and restoration is happening below the surface. Winter is a divine time to dive into deep healing in the body.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the womb and means ‘sacred space’. This is the center that supports creativity, flow, fluidity and love. A woman’s womb and yoni is her inner sanctum, a place to access her wisdom, her power, her creativity, her vitality, her sexuality and sensuality.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and translates to "wand of light." The lingam is respected as a channel for sexual energy and pleasure.

Over the course of life, people can experience body armoring, which is a process whereby past traumatic experiences are stored in the body’s muscles tissues. The body’s tissues harden, which create tension and block energy in the area where there has been trauma. The body’s armoring intention is to protect itself from pain and vulnerability. But within the armoring process, it can reduce the capacity for pleasure and trust and safety within the body. Body armoring is living in a constant state of contraction, which reduces the energy flow of vitality and radiance.

Both women’s and men’s sexual organs are prone to body armoring due to negative imprinting from childhood, emotions and beliefs around the body, sexual trauma, shaming around self-pleasure, sexual intercourse without sufficient foreplay, carrying shame and guilt, as well as other depleting emotions.

For women, armoring can also be caused by miscarriages, abortions, c-section births, hysterectomy as well as the emotional challenges of infertility.

Body armoring manifests as lack of sexual turn-on, tightness, stiffness or numbness that inhibits someone from being present in their body to feel pleasure and energy, numbness, disassociation, inability to change and feel ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ in the trauma.

Healing through De-armoring.

Dearmoring is a process that allows the body to move back into a place of wholeness. This is a process that allows the body to access and release stored trauma, stress and emotions. It allows the body to release emotions and let them move up and out of the nervous system.

De-armoring is a process that integrates love and acceptance into the healing process.

De-armoring is a self-healing process.

Resourcing places of safety, love and presence in the body are the main ingredients in the process. This creates a deeper sense of wisdom, self-awareness and self-responsibility within the body.

My favorite and most respected healing tools for body de-armoring are yoni/lingam steaming .

Yoni/Lingam steaming uses herbs, heat and body awareness to welcome in presence and intention into the body. Interested in learning more about this topic. Explore some of my other blogs here:



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