Retreat. Refresh. Renew.

'Approfondement' : a French word that means 'playing easily in the deep.'

Over the past three years, I've been blessed to have led four wellness retreats to Italy celebrating the Approfondement way of living.

We dedicate our retreat weeks to divine self care by recharging our minds and bodies. 
Awakening the senses through movement, food, nature, community, solitude, connection, surrender, release, clarity and embracing the mystery of life.

What draws women in to join the retreats? 

Many reasons...
adventure, relaxation, celebration, curiosity..

Some women decide to embark on the retreats solo, others travel with friends, sisters, mothers...
to bond, to release the ending of relationships, jobs, to celebrate life, etc.
It's been a beautiful process to witness women saying 'Yes' to opening up to the unknown.
Witnessing the shifts and awakenings of these women during and after the retreat week has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

The experience of spending a week away permeates our cells in a way that the benefits are ever-flowing afterwards.

Every time I’ve taken my own retreat, I've come back a different person.

It's created a shift in me. I've learned a bit more about myself where I've connected deeper.   I've opened up more to vulnerability, to surrendering old patterns and beliefs and dreaming a bigger vision for my life. 

In our society, we experience a constant of everyday life demands. Sometimes it’s just necessary to get away ---to step really away --- to focus solely on YOU without distraction and the responsibility of daily life. 

This can be a time of sweet respite, rejuvenation and replenishment.

This year, we are staying stateside heading to Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

Nestled away at 8500 feet in the Snowy Range of the Rocky Mountains, we will spend our time at a beautiful rustic dude ranch.
An area completely untapped by technology and development.
It's a spot to bring us right back to our connection
to Mother Earth in all her beauty.

Excursions include:

  • Float Adventure down the scenic North Platte River
  • Spend a day horseback riding and picnicking to a mountain side meadow
  • Restore the body and mind while soaking in thermal waters 
  • Hike and explore trails in the Medicine Bow National Forest

Each day will begin with awakening the body in movement and yoga classes (accessible to all levels of yoga experience).
We will spend the days exploring the region on our excursions, feeding our bodies with local and sustainable cuisine and complete each day embracing awe inspiring sunsets all while connecting with your inner goddess cowgirl. 


If you are a woman craving a week to refresh, renew and connect with other amazing women, I invite you to come along!  
Wyoming Retreat!