How to Become Clear on Setting Intentions and Manifesting What You Truly Desire in Life


As we flow from day to day, it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind. We wear many hats during the day, and we can lose sight of our deep desires and dreams as we stay focused on what is directly in front of us. 

Are you ready to discover the ways to create the life of your dreams? Now is the time! You deserve it! 

In order to start creating this new reality, it is important to become clear on what you want in life. How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience on a daily basis?

Begin by exploring a writing exercise with these questions. Let the answers flow with no judgement attached!

  • What do you dream of being, doing, and having more in your life?

  • Where do you feel stuck or burnt out lately?

  • Are you looking for new direction in your life? What is calling to you?

  • Do you long to start something new but aren’t sure what?

  • What do you desire to experience with more satisfying relationships with others AND yourself?