'Tis the season for slowing down and savoring the warm days that are upon us. We've found ourselves dabbling in early summer weather here on the east coast, and I am loving every minute of it!!

We can witness the transition into the vibrant season with farmer's markets popping up and late spring/early summer produce is abundant.

I was delighted when I was strolling through a GreenMarket in New York City and came upon bunches and bunches and bunches of fresh chamomile.

Can you imagine the aroma these beauties exuded?  The sweet smell can immediately calm a busy mind.

Chamomile is used to support digestive health and soothe the nervous system. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, which support reducing pain due to rheumatism, arthritis, and other painful swellings. 

Chamomile is used as an antispasmodic for menstrual cramps and gas pains.

We use chamomile in our womb wellness services as it is soothing to vaginal tissues.

In herbal folklore and myths, chamomile is believed to attract money and good fortune. 

When a handful of chamomile is added to a bath, it is believed to attract love.

When sprinkled around the house, chamomile repels negative energy, curses and spells, while bringing in good and prosperous fortune to the residents.

Ascetically, the natural chemicals of the blooms combine to bring out blonde undertones in hair and don't cause hair to dry out in the process!

Aside from the many health benefits that chamomile offers, it is quite comforting to sip a cup of chamomile tea (or iced tea during the summer months).


I would like to share a few simple recipes on how to enjoy this beauty.

As a soothing tea: 1 cup boiling water add 2 tsp. dried flowers. Steep covered for 10 min.

Add the flowers to a salad! They are edible and quite tasty, as well as beautiful!

For a relaxing bath: Use up to 1 cup fresh or dried herb tied in tea/linen. bag. Place in tub with hot water. Try to avoid adding soap to bath, as it will coat your skin and not allow the benefits of the chamomile to be absorbed. Light a candle on the side of the bath and enjoy!

Cheers to celebrating the richness of Mother Earth's bounty!