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A Whole Body Approach to Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation: A normal response of the immune(body’s defense system) to infection and trauma such as a sprained wrist, hives or bug bite. 

Too much inflammation and an overactive immune response is considered to be the underlying cause of most modern day diseases.

Chronic inflammation is a common factor connected arthritis, allergies, recurring infections in the body, heart disease, distress in the gut, decreased immune function, autoimmune disease, as well as a plethora of other condition.

In our workshop, we will explore how to decrease or reverse this condition through simple lifestyle and nutrition changes to help support healing and repair the body.  

Learn how to prevent inflammation while eating for optimal health. Learn what common foods possess anti-inflammatory properties and which foods actually create more inflammation and can aggravate a condition. 

Workshop will include recipe sampling, take-home recipes, gentle yoga poses and a guided relaxation.

$27/per person. 

Pre-registration is required.

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