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Goddess to the Core Inside Out Workout @ The Yoga Loft

Nourish your whole body with this inside out workout!

Build stamina, strength and flexibility in the mind and body.

This is a class for women that incorporates yoga, breath work, core energy techniques, free weights, and guided relaxation.

It is a class that welcomes any level of yoga experience.

 Goddess to the Core® Workout will help you:

-Strengthen the immune system

-Halt the aging process

-Rejuvenate the body

-Clear the mind

-Release pent up emotions

-Burn fat

-Contour and build muscles

-Energize the spirit

-Soothe the soul


‘Goddess to the Core® Workout redefines fitness, beauty and power by teaching women to lead from the inside out with power, purpose and passion to a stronger, healthier and more holistic lifestyle’-Sierra Bender.

All levels of yoga experience are welcome to join!


Please note this class will be held at The Yoga Loft

462 Adelphia Road

Farmingdale, NJ

 Goddesses please call 732-239-2333 or e-mail