Georgia came to us in February of 2017, after leaving her metalsmith and jewelry design career in California. Since her start at Sunshine Kate's, she has completed a full year at Gaia School of Healing, graduating with a certificate in Herbalism, and is continuing her journey by enrolling in a second-year program.  This course has taught her not only how to make medicine in the form of tinctures, balms, and teas, but also how to be an advocate for the earth and our healing.  

Georgia also launched her first business, Turn to Nature, as a way to share her journey with herbal remedies and jewelry, which consists of gemstones, wire wrapping, and intuitive making.  She finds herbalism and crystals to have healing qualities that can support ones process in coming back into ones own body. Supporting each person to be their own healer.  She believes that individuals have the ability to heal themselves with the right education and listening. 

Georgia looks to start plant meditations and herbal workshops within the coming year!  Stay tuned!


Kristin came to us in May of 2019 after she left her mainstream Marketing job to find something that aligned with her passion, goals and ultimate journey. She is currently study for her Holistic Health and Wellness Certification with a focus in nutrition and exercise. Her active lifestyle of sports, snowboarding, strength & resistance training and exploration has lead her to the path of studying food and all the nutrients that help the body maintain health, heal, detox and/or contribute to body goals based on training.

She hopes to provide knowledge and support to the community about foods that fuel our bodies and souls, heal blockages or glitches in the body and mind and provide reliable education that can help individuals throughout their wellness journey.

Kristin has just begun her journey in the health and wellness world but her passion, drive and caring nature are sure to be a force in the field.