The Dream Kit

The Dream Kit

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This blissful kit is your first-class ticket to dreamland.

The calming and soothing properties of the herbs and crystal support the body to ease into a restorative sleep state.

The Dream Pillows

These gorgeous, naturally dyed eye pillows designed by Collective Hand , are filled with a blend of herbs and flowers that are shown to aid in relaxation, lucid dreaming and dream recall. Chamomile and lavender are calming allies in dealing with insomnia and anxiety. Mugwort has been used for centuries by healers to produce vivid, insightful dreams and is known as tool for cleansing and clearing negative energy.

Celestite Crystal

Just looking upon the ethereal hue of these Celestite stones brings on a feeling of calm and happiness. This is the perfect crystal to keep in your bedroom to bring tranquility and harmonious energies to encourage revitalizing sleep. Holding a celestite crystal in your hands in times of stress or grief helps to lift heavy moods, relieve sadness and diminish anxiety. When placed directly on your body, Celestite brings muscle and stress release to the area in which it is placed upon.

Turn to Nature 2 oz "Dream Time" Tincture

Chamomile, Lavender, Mugwort, Rose, & Peppermint steeped in organic vodka.  This is truly a blend for night ritual. Getting into bed with a cup of tea, putting on calming oils, lighting candles, and allowing yourself to settle into sleep mode. This blend is filled with herbs that can be locally grown in northeast area! You can grow and feel connected to the plants in your area. One motto I have is, fill yourself with the plants that surround you. Energetically they are in the atmosphere that you are.  They will know how to support your needs better than a plant in a far away land. Chamomile and Lavender are great for anxiety and are sedatives; these two are a go to for me if I am having trouble winding down. Mugwort is a lovely plant to work with at night, as it helps you to recall your dreams. You do have to make a connection with her first, for her to support you on your nightly journeys! Rose and Peppermint are a great addition to this blend, offering a serene and loving energy before you drift off. What a way to release into the night.