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2116 Sunset Ave
Ocean Township, NJ, 07712


What do you dream of achieving?

Imagine working with your very own champion to achieve your life plans of health, wellness and professional goals; the power of two minds collaborating toward your balanced path. I will work with you to inspire your life on your terms while creating more joy and balance in every daily aspect of who you are.


Herbal Tea Blends


Herbal Tea Blends

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Herbal Tea Blends

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Goddess Glow Blend

The name says it all! Our trademark and most popular blend by far! This tea ignites an inner and outer glow! She offers vitamin C, antioxidant and lymphatic support and libido lovin' to the body..Ahh. Pure Bliss!

Love your Ovaries Blend

This blend increases circulation to the womb, strengthens and relaxes uterine muscles, stimulates blood flow and dissolves excess buildup of acid. It has properties to cleanse, detoxify, tone and heal. This is a supportive blend for PCOS and Fallopian Tubes.

Fertility Blend

This nourishing blend supports strengthening the uterine muscles, perineal tissues, uterine ligaments, the bladder, supports health of the Fallopian tubes and regulates the menstrual cycles.

Yeast Away

This combination of herbs work to nourish, tone, heal, increase fresh oxygenated blood and promote cleansing of the womb.  It provides anti-fungal and antiseptic properties; supports parasite and microbial defense, aids in reducing swelling and itch; and gently supports replenishing healthy flora.

Go with the Flow

This proprietary blend gently cleanses, tones and revitalizes the womb.  It supports your natural cycle and maintains the strength and tone of the womb while providing a general cleansing of toxins and nourishment with vital nutrients.