We begin this journey on the New Moon in June and conclude on the Full Moon in July.

June 3-July 16, 2019

This program is open to any woman, not inclusive to menstrual cycles.

The foundation of this program explores the physical, emotional, mental and energetic components of a woman’s body and journey.

The tools, resources and exercises are designed to support a woman thriving in her body with energy, flow, radiance and connection.

The womb is one of the wisest places in the female body,
and one of the most ignored.
Though we may listen to her in regards to birthing babies,
we ought to be listening in terms of our whole creative lives.
We need to remember our way back to this kind of knowing-
that the living energies of our bodies relate deeply to the movement of our lives and our patterns of creative flow
— Tami Kent

Regardless if a woman’s reproductive organs are present or not, her energetic and emotional connections are still active and alive in the body.

There is so much wisdom, intuition,pleasure, creativity, strength, and authentic truth stored in a woman’s ‘womb center’ patiently waiting until she is ready to explore them.

Remember, you are gold.

Explore Whole Body Radiance on this journey through:

-Explore self care practices such as breast massage, lower belly massage, castor oil packs to support lymphatic drainage, hormonal support, inner/outer skin health, connection to your body

-Learn the art of using ‘Yoni Eggs’ and explore my yoni egg online video series which includes grounding, energizing, clearing, awakening and healing yoni egg practices to explore in the comfort of your home

-Learn what foods support pH balance in the body and yoni health, and what foods lead to imbalance and dis-ease in the body

-Herbs to support Yoni wellness for all stages along the journey

-Learn how to make your own herbal infusions to support yoni, digestive, adrenal and sleep health

-Explore guided breathwork and meditations to reconnect, enhance and hone in the power of your sacral chakra

-Learn ancient and modern practices to integrate into your own life to enhance energy, radiance, creativity and sensuality

-Listen and learn from some of my favorite goddess sisters sharing their medicine and wisdom

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-Nourish and enhance radiance and vitality in the body, while learning how to support adrenal, hormonal and digestive health

-Understand the emotional connection of stored emotions, emotional scars, painful memories and old relationships that are stored in the yoni (the emotional powerhouse of the body)

-Explore the potent power of creativity, pleasure and bliss that lies in the yoni

-Regulate and support irregular periods while learning how to support a natural and healthy cycle

-Reduce symptoms of PMS such as pain, bloating and cramping

-Learn to enhance fertility
(if that is a focus point)

-Reduce symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood fluctuations
(if that is a focus point)

-Cultivate and deepen your connection to your body

-Build safety, intimacy and trust in your body

-Learn how to cultivate and enhance more fulfilling relationships (intimate, family, friends, community)

-Strengthen and enhance the pelvic floor (which can support bladder health, increase circulation and enhance orgasmic health).

 -Explore the connection to the nervous system: operating in states of fear and stress vs trust and ease.
Develop tools that can be used on a regular basis.

-Practice tools that can alleviate stored stress and tension in the body, while increasing vitality.

-Explore self-care tools and rituals during different phases of the moon and menstrual cycle
(these can still be accessed even post-menopausal).


All of the above resources,

Access to online platform where videos, calls and info can be accessed,

Yoni egg,

Personal herb blend

and a wealth of education and tools to support your radiance!


Everything is VIRTUAL and ACCESSIBLE.

Once you enroll, you receive access to our Yoni Cocoon…

This will be where we will meet for our calls and where the resources can be accessed

We will have LIVE calls on June 3rd, June 17th, July 1st and July 16th (which will all be recorded).

Through the 6-week journey, there will be weekly resources, videos and tools posted in the Yoni Library.

After the journey concludes, you will still continue to have access to all of your tools.

The intention behind this program is to cultivate and craft practices that you draw upon frequently (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally)…


This journey is a culmination of 16 years of my personal exploration and education on women’s health, movement, rituals, ancient wisdom and cutting edge therapies. I integrate tools that I have used along my journey to heal my body from experiencing painful cysts, irregular cycles, numbness, stored emotions and stagnant energy; as well as tools that I using with my clients in our practice.

Here’s what some fellow Radiant Journey Women are saying:

Silver hair. Dusty womb? The crystal yoni. And Kate’s gentle guidance helped me find a new light inside myself. Don’t believe what you hear… Perimenopause has been the becoming I have been searching for all my life. -Denise, NJ

‘I first met Kate at a Womb Wellness appointment. It was a gift given to me by dear friends who knew my husband and I were ready to start a family and going to start trying. At that time, Womb Wellness was completely foreign to me and not something I would have bought myself. It was such an incredible experience and I truly enjoyed how relaxed I felt after my appointment. I went home thinking this would be the month my husband and I would conceive and our family would grow. Little did I know, my womb and my spirit needed a lot more love than just one session. Month after month, my husband and I would read a negative pregnancy test. I was devastated, overwhelmed, and beaten down, but ironically I was too busy to give my womb the attention it needed, and it was put on the back burner. I truly felt I was doing everything I could, even driving hours back and forth daily to meet with an infertility doctor. It wasn't until August 2018, when the universe brought me a sign; A social media post from Sunshine Kate’s about an upcoming Radiant Woman Womb Wellness Journey. Remembering what a wonderful experience I had at a Womb Wellness appointment, I signed up immediately, knowing the program would be an investment in myself and my family. Kate and her program did not disappoint. It was exactly what my mind, spirit, and womb needed. The journey started with the creation of a Womb Altar and over the 8-weeks Kate gently guided our group of women to focus on breathing techniques, yoga poses, mindful journaling, and provided one-on-one consulting to discuss specific supplements, herbs, and foods to help heal the womb. It was exactly what me (and my husband benefited from it too) needed. I finally felt in-tune with my body, the stress was disappearing, and I was able to truly focus on what was happening around me and inside of me. My journey with Kate and the lovely group of women ended on Saturday, October 13. On Monday, October 15, my husband and I received the joyous news that we were expecting! I still get goosebumps when I think about how everything worked out. I could not wait to tell Kate the exciting news and thank her for everything she had done for me and my husband. Even though the 8-week Wellness Journey is over, I continue to meet with Kate, to focus on nurturing myself and our little bundle of joy. If you are planning to start a family, I highly recommend this program. You won't be disappointed! ‘ -Soon to be mama, NJ

Kate mindfully takes the time to be present and aware with her clients. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of 'womb wellness' in ways that are missing in today's discourse on women's health. It was a truly magical experience. Thank you. -NJ Goddess

Sunshine Kate is a blessing to the community by offering a space for women to be served as we would be in ancient times. I have been practicing, preparing and presenting earth based rituals for well over 30 years, serviced by many wise women. Kate's services are a "gift" to all women and ALL women should take part. "Give up yourself within the heart and hands of strong women and you shall be risen." -  DS, NJ


-What if I have had a hysterectomy? 

You are welcome to join, and I encourage you to join as there is still an emotional connection to the organs in your womb.

-What if I want to enhance my fertility? 

This program will give you tools to create an optimal environment to build and nourish your womb,  both physically and emotionally.

-What if I am going through menopause?  

Welcome wise woman! This program will provide tools to reduce symptoms and flow through your journey.

-What if I never used a yoni egg before?
We start from the very basics on how, when, why.

Sister, we've got you covered with all the tools!


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