Circles of Ceremony

Holding Sacred Space Through Celebration and Ritual. Cultivating Connection - Creating Community

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Circles of Ceremonies allow individuals and groups to gather together to cultivate their own creation of celebration, reflection and honor along the journey. It’s a space to dive deep into opening participants hearts, minds and souls through rituals and/or ceremonies to honor each group and their chosen gathering. It’s a way to allow inward and outward connections, uplifting or clearing of emotions/relationships/etc, awakenings and intention setting for new beginnings/milestones along the journey (of any size caliber), celebration and honor of souls passed on or simply just something new and unique to explore.

Gather to honor:

  • brides

  • Bachelorette / Bachelor

  • Engagements

  • Baby Blessings

  • those who have passed

  • hormonal transition

  • divorce

  • seasons

  • mooN phases

  • Conscious Conception Rituals

  • accomplishments

  • and any life event that calls to you!

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The ceremonies that are facilitated are a blend of experience and wisdom gained from a variety of ancient and modern practices. Create time to dive deep into honoring your journey or someone else’s. We incorporate tools such as body blessings, breathwork, flower mandala creations, herbal mocktails/cocktails, movement and meditation to name a few (everything is customized based on the group).


Each gathering is customized and tailored to accommodate each group and life event. To inquire or schedule your next Circle of Ceremony, please submit the inquiry below.

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