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Yoni Egg 101

katie strakosch

You might have caught wind of the buzz these beauties are receiving.

They’ve been around for centuries, but have gained popularity in recent years.

The Housewives of Atlanta, Tia and Tamara and even Elvis Duran on the Z100 Morning Show have recently spoken about them.

There are many, many whole body benefits to be gained from using these gemstones aside from what Hollywood is sharing.

Let’s spend a few minutes together here, and have a chat on Yoni Egg and Womb Wellness 101.

I invite you to fix a cup of tea and get comfy.

Here we go!

‘Yoni’ is a Sanskrit word for the womb and means ‘sacred space’. This is the center that supports creativity, flow, fluidity and love. A woman’s womb and yoni is her inner sanctum, a place to access her wisdom and her power.

Before you stop reading this because you find yourself saying ‘Honey, my womb was removed a long time ago’


You will always have an energetic connection to all of your beautiful organs and this connection is just as powerful in developing a deeper connection with your yoni.

The pelvic floor is a large group of muscles that form a ‘basket’ or a diaphragm which supports all of our internal organs. It is said that life force/prana can leak through the pelvic floor and be lost if those muscles are weak.

This life force energy is essential for maintaining energy levels and longevity in the body.

Living our busy lives, we do not engage the pelvic floor muscles. This leads to loss of sensitivity and sensation in the vaginal area, reproductive health problems, urinary health interferences, PMS, disempowerment, decreased libido and a disconnection to our sacred feminine energy.

Studies show that the main culprit of reproductive dis-ease is lack of blood flow to this area of the body.

According to the Yale University School of Medicine, women overall have an up to 60% rate of incontinence and 50% rate of POP (pelvic organ prolapse) post-partum today. 

What are Yoni Eggs?

This practice to strengthen vaginal health emerged in ancient China.  They’ve been used for over 2000 years.

Yoni Eggs are also known as Jade Eggs, and can come as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jasper, Carnelian and many other stones..  

These stones are carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina

How are Yoni Eggs Beneficial?

  • Gain control of the perineum and all groups of pelvic floor muscles
  • Support Orgasmic Health: including vaginal, cervical and uterine orgasms
  • Reducing PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort; as through regular practice it can increase blood flow to pelvic organs and help move stagnant energy.
  • Stimulates the ovaries in a gentle way balances hormone levels
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms and balancing estrogen levels
  • Regular practice stimulates the bartolin gland inside the vagina that is responsible for producing lubrication. One of the first effects women experience is feeling juicier, which can be helpful for menopausal women.
  • Overcome traumatic experiences of sexual abuse, as it can promote a sense of trust back in the body
  • Can help to release stored emotional and energetic imprints, as the vaginal tissue holds onto these psychological blockages
  • It can prevent incontinence
  • Develop and enhance a deeper and more loving relationship with one’s body
  • Awaken creative energy, passion and libido and sexuality

How to use Yoni Eggs?

Inside the vaginal canal there are reflexology points which connect to the heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidney.

By using the Yoni Egg, these points are stimulated increasing their functions, which works in a similar way to acupuncture.

One you feel that you are ready to insert the egg, place it with the larger end next to the entrance of your vagina and start moving the egg in slow circles, slowing letting the egg go inside. 

**Always insert the egg by placing the larger end of it inside the inner labia.**

Once inserted, practice flexing and contracting the muscles.

Yoni eggs will only build muscles if you do the work!

Just like holding a free weight in your hands without moving it won’t necessarily build arm strength, the same principle stands for working your yoni muscles!

Work it, goddess!

Will the egg get stuck??

No! Don’t worry that the egg will get lost in your body. It cannot pass through the cervical walls!!

To give you peace of mind, opt for a ‘drilled’ egg. This means there are two tiny holes drilled on the bottom the egg. You can thread string through these holes, and then once inserted into the body, the strings remain outside the body. The string will enable you to control pulling the yoni egg out of your vaginal canal. This can be helpful to use when you are getting started with your yoni egg practice.

How Long to Use the Yoni Eggs?

Begin using the egg on a daily basis for just a few moments every day. This will acclimate your body to it, while building strength in vaginal muscles.

Here are some exercises to explore with your yoni egg:

All these exercises work best if you repeat each of them for a few minutes, and at least a few times a week.

Laying on the back:  Inhale & squeeze the yoni muscles as much as you can for a few seconds then exhale and relax completely

On the belly: Find yourself in locust pose and practice lifting one leg at a time as high as possible + inhale, then exhale bring the leg back down. Observe what’s happening inside. You are working on the sides of the vagina.

From cobra pose: find yourself inhaling and squeezing as you rise up, then exhale, relax and release.

Sitting:  Inhale & squeeze the yoni muscles as much as you can for a few seconds, then exhale and relax completely

Squeeze the yoni muscles 30-50 times in a row as fast as possible. **Very important to follow this with a phase of relaxation and rest**

Removing the egg

Lay down and relax, push out a little. Let your yoni muscles relax and the egg will come out.

If you have used string with your egg, then that’s the time to use it – gently pull the string and release egg from your body.

**Be mindful of your body’s needs – keep the egg in for as long as you are comfortable.  Practice keeping the egg in for just a few moments at a time when you begin to work with it.**

Create Sacred Space to work with your egg. Tuck yourself away from all distractions. Light a candle. Turn on soothing music. Tune into you!

Ready to order an egg? We have to tools you need!