Refining Self Care

 I hope this finds you well flowing through November.
It's hard to believe we are approaching the middle of the month already!
I just returned back to NJ this week after leading another women's retreat in Italy.
It was a beautiful time of year to be over there.
We were tucked away in a quaint village in the mountains immersed in the fall season.
Leaves were radiating their beautiful colors, fireplaces were ablaze with warmth and the crisp air helped flush the lungs.

That was the big 'aha!' takeaway of the week for so many of the women on the retreat.
They said 'YES' to taking the time for self-care,
hit the pause on 'doing' and eased into 'being', 
took a deep look at their lives.. 
and gently began to cultivate awareness of what was flowing and what felt stagnant.

Yes, it is a true blessing to be able to travel on a retreat and have the opportunity to explore life from this perspective.
BUT, it is not the only way to gain this insight.

Clarity comes when we have the courage to recognize that we are all worthy of taking time for self-care, to give ourselves permission to take a pulse-check on our lives,
and then take action steps leaning in or pulling back when needed.

As we approach the yin months of winter, I invite you to take time to assess your own investment of self-care.

How do you practice it? 
How often?
Do you give so much away that you feel so depleted and can't give yourself anything?
Do you carry guilt or find excuses as to why you can't take time for yourself?

By no means am I asking you these questions to cause judgement, but simply to become a witness and cultivate awareness on a deeper level in your life.

Nature heals, it re-calibrates our systems. When we watch and listen to the seasons, we can find a deep sense of nourishment for ourselves.

This holiday season, we are shifting gears with our awareness around committing to self care.