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2116 Sunset Ave
Ocean Township, NJ, 07712


What do you dream of achieving?

Imagine working with your very own champion to achieve your life plans of health, wellness and professional goals; the power of two minds collaborating toward your balanced path. I will work with you to inspire your life on your terms while creating more joy and balance in every daily aspect of who you are.





katie strakosch



Move & Groove

Exercise pumps up your endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.
Movement supports a sense of well-being, while flushing away any residue from the holidays and BOOSTS the immune system!
One of my most favorite and inexpensive ways to relieve stress, get my heart pumping and tone up is jumping on my rebounder.  You can find these on Amazon and in sporting good stores (and find options with stability bars). 
Click here to see how easy rebounding is!

Experiment with what type of exercise works for you and GET MOVING!

Support your Vitamin D levels

Vitamin D plays major roles in:

  • Immune function
  • Heart health
  • Joint health
  • Manages blood pressure
  • Oral health
  • Mental health (as low levels are linked to depression and anxiety)
  • Supports weight management

Ways to increase your Vitamin D levels:


I hear it over and over again around this time of year 'I'm on a detox cleanse'. 
Yes, it is a wonderful time to move away from the overindulgence of the holiday season. But please remember this beauty, DON'T STARVE YOURSELF!

During the winter, your body needs and craves heartier foods rich in high quality protein and essential fatty acids. You need food to maintain immune function, hormonal balance and energy. 
Take the time to nourish your body through warming soups and stews. Start your day with a boost of protein through eggs or a superfood smoothie. Challenge yourself and see how many colors you can incorporate through veggies and fruits through the day.
 Between you and me, no one wants to be around someone who is 'Hangry'.


Don't skimp on this essential foundation for life!
Emails, projects and everything can wait until the morning. 
Give yourself permission to rest and restore for at least 7 hours!
I am so passionate about this topic that I am offering a workshop called
'The Art of Sleep' on Wednesday, January 27th.
Join me to learn tools to truly replenish your body while enhancing your quality of sleep.

Light Therapy

The light found in a far infrared sauna is far infrared light, a type of invisible light located below the optical color red in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Far infrared light is used to purify polluted air, keep newborn babies warm in hospitals, promote growth in plants and more.
Enter in the many benefits far infrared light offers in sauna sessions:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved cardiovascular functioning
  • Strengthened immunity
  • Relief of headaches, muscle pain and joint stiffness
  • Deep cellular detoxification
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Decreased stress levels in the body

Learn more about the benefits of chromotherapy in a sauna session here: