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2116 Sunset Ave
Ocean Township, NJ, 07712


What do you dream of achieving?

Imagine working with your very own champion to achieve your life plans of health, wellness and professional goals; the power of two minds collaborating toward your balanced path. I will work with you to inspire your life on your terms while creating more joy and balance in every daily aspect of who you are.





Our wombs hold much wisdom & house our emotions, innocence, intuition & intelligence. Most of us have never been taught how to care for ourselves never mind our womb. In an age where more & more women take a pill to cease menstruation, Kate is on a mission to re-connect the feminine with her radiance once again. I recommend her services to women of all race, gender & age.
I recently had a Womb Wellness session with Kate and felt compelled to share my personal experience in the hopes that more women will utilize Kate’s offerings & empower themselves to let go & surrender to their beauty, grace & inner wisdom.
Kate is one of the most supportive, compassionate & intelligent women I have come to know, appreciate & respect. She soothingly guides you through a meditation as you receive the warmth & comfort of the steaming herbs, inviting you to dive deeper into yourself & gently unearth the shadows shading your light. Upon Kate’s exit, I was able to sip soothing raspberry tea & journal as my experience began to unfold.
The naval candle & castor clay abdominal cleanse was profoundly relaxing & once again Kate’s soothing soft voice navigates you into deep restoration & release. I felt a sudden shift occur here as a lot of stuck energy began to surface & there was a subtle letting go as I relaxed deeper into the nurturance of the treatment.
The session ended with a 25 minute sauna detox which enabled toxins to eliminate through the sweat glands. There is always this feeling of renewal after a sauna session but especially following this particular treatment.
Over the course of 48 hours post session with Kate, I continued to experience a powerful release of emotions & felt more confortable surrendering to my own vulnerability which is often a challenge for me.
Thank you Kate for your light a beautiful experience!
— Kerry

Kate Strakosch is a beautiful beam of radiant sunshine for women. Her sensitivity and thoughtfulness to women’s bodies through the care and repair of the womb allowed me to go deeply into my own wounding to unearth and release past traumas. Her womb wellness treatment is like a spa day for the yoni. There was the perfect balance of support and time with Kate as well as alone time for me to process what was coming up. For a few days after I felt a warmth in my womb, I’d never experienced before. Kate’s inner and outer space is so comforting and peaceful. Her attention to detail heightens your sense of awareness. As we women start to wake up and understand that our own essence is connected to the womb of mother earth, we will then begin to heal the planet by first healing our own wombs.
— Summer, everyday healer + yoga educator

I have known Katie for years and have been fortunate to watch her evolve as a holistic health practitioner. When I learned about the womb wellness service: yoni steam, castor oil/clay pack and sauna therapy she was offering, I was excited to try these ancient healing practices but a little nervous about the intimate nature of the treatments. However, within minutes of our consult, Katie put me at ease and created a space where I felt safe and allowed me to be receptive to the session. Through each of the various services, Katie was attentive, nurturing and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable which allowed me to transition into a relaxed and meditative state so I could fully embrace the physical, emotional and energetic healing techniques.
I highly recommend the womb wellness treatment with Katie for all women. This is a unique and specialized service that can have a wide range of benefits and support overall wellbeing.
— Anoymous

It was a muggy 90 degree day on the Jersey Shore and I went to see my friend Kate, whom I was doing a trade with for healing services. Her office was cool as was her demeanor. She served me some weather with mint and orange while I filled out an intake form. There was a note that said no smokers were allowed in the sauna and a question of whether I had an implants or cosmetic injections, first time I remember answering this question.

Kate created a beautiful little ceremony, where she smudged me with a sweet prayer for my hands, eyes and throat and ears to do good in the world. Herbal teas were arranged from which I was instructed to choose 3, 5 or 7 an odd number being associated with the divine feminine. Red raspberry and red clover were the base. I chose chamomile, rosehips and nettle as well. other options were licorice, dandelion, mugwort, burdock. We set intentions and made prayers.

The “throne” was a wooden chair with the back removed and a circle cut in the middle. It was covered with towels to pad and underneath was a small platform for the bowl to sit. Together we placed my chosen herbs in some boiling water and stirred them in the large mixing bowl, similar to a chamber pot. Once the herbs were in place, Kate left the room, I took off everything from the waist down and wrapped a sarong around my hips. I sat down on the throne with my feet wide and made sure the sarong kept the steam in. The thought crossed my mind that I’d never sat in this position without releasing something out of my lower orfices and here I was taking something in. I hoped I didn’t pee in my herbs. I didn’t. It was a warm soothing sensation. If I tilted my pelvis forward and back I could, after sometime, actually feel a gentle warmth in my uterus. ‘Nourish and release’ was the mantra that came to mind.

Kate learned this technique from the Yoni Sisters, who hold the African tradition. There is also an ancient Korean tradition of yoni steams and perhaps a peruvian. A treatment best before or after menstruation and 6 weeks after childbirth, the Yoni sisters claim that vaginal steams may assist with:

heavy bleeding
prolapsed uterus
weight loss
womb traumas
irregular menses
hot flashes
bacterial infection
womb karma
vaginal dryness
emotional imbalance
pain relief
stress relief

In my experience, with having an std, miscarriage, small tear from childbirth and abortion, this felt like a healing ritual for a part of my body I don’t always have the ability or skill to care for other than self reiki. After my steam, Kate brought me to the table where she made a clay and castor oil pack over my uterus. She covered it with flannel, while she led me through a visualization. It was a relaxing and nourishing experience. After 20 mins, I then spent another 20 minutes in her little far infared sauna. What a spa day for my vagina!!!
— Summer


Sunshine Kate is a blessing to the community by offering a space for women to be served as we would be in ancient times. I have been practicing, preparing and presenting earth based rituals for well over 30 years, serviced by many wise women. Kate’s services are a “gift” to all women and ALL women should take part. “Give up yourself within the heart and hands of strong women and you shall be risen.
— Denise


While engaging in Gentle Yoga, I was introduced to Katie Strakosch as someone that could help me with some health issues that were frustrating me.

When I met with Katie, I knew that she would be the one person that could help me with these issues. She radiates from within. Her angelic glow tells me that whatever she is doing for herself, I want in my life!
We began with her Radiant Path program. She taught me about inflammation and digestion. What foods help and which foods to avoid. Katie was so full of knowledge that I wanted to learn more and be involved in all that she had to offer as a coach.

I have done yoga, cooking lessons, book chats and self-help workshops with her. She has helped me in so many ways that have led me to a more mindful way of life.

I am currently eating vegetables that were previously not in my diet and preparing healthy soups and smoothies that are both nourishing and satisfying.

I cannot thank Katie enough for putting me on this wonderful path that I am on.
— Gayle G | Freehold, NJ